Belgian/Dutch metal band A GOAT AS OUR SHEPHERD just released their first full-lenght studio album EPIPHANY. Following up the 2021 release of debut EP AGAOS, the quintet once again offers modern, furious but always catchy and melodic death metal. 

Driven by the unique voice of frontman T'Seyen, haunting guitar riffs and solos and a pummeling rhythm section, AGAOS delivers high-level and brutal entertainment. Both live as on record.

Since their formation in 2019, AGAOS played a fair amount of gigs. Highlighted by their self-organised, successful album release shows and by being the victor of the 2023 ALCATRAZ METAL BASH, resulting in a spot at the Kortrijk- based festival. With all goals set on expanding the herd, AGAOS is soon to be seen and heard in a town near you!

FLTR: Fons -drums / Ginger - guitars / T'Seyen - vocals / Joris - bass/ Styg - guitars