Dealing cards with the devil? You betcha! This 'playing card' design of the GOAT by artist Bram Bruyneel is creepy as hell.

All AGAOS-shirts are of premium quality to maintain longer endurance of fabric and print. As well as a great fitting comfort.

IMPORTANT: our shirt sizes are rather large. To avoid returns and disappointments, please measure a clothing you already own (and fits you well) and compare it with the size chart below before ordering.


DO NOT CHOOSE A SIZE WITHOUT MEASURING ‘because you usually wear M’. There are so many sizing standards that mismatches can easily occur. 


SIZE WIDTH cm / inches LENGHT cm / inches
S 46 cm / 18 inches 71 cm / 28 inches
M 51 cm / 20 inches 74 cm / 29 inches
L 56 cm / 22 inches 76 cm / 30 inches
XL 61 cm / 24 inches 79 cm / 31 inches
XXL 66 cm / 26 inches 81 cm / 32 inches